yarn process


 Yarn Processing

Farmsons Group is one of the leading yarn processors company in Surat, Gujarat, India. We supply and process a wide range of high quality cotton, Polyester, Viscose & Nylon yarns in India. We offer innovative textile process solutions in pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, and printing. We use the latest technology and innovative production techniques for yarn processing. We can offer requested services to our clients in the ever changing yarn markets. Our fabrics are processed in state of the art processing plants. We have well experience allowing us to carefully yarn process and provide the best service to our customers.


yarn process


Yarns are processed and stocked in our modern manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Surat, India. We use the latest technology and innovative production techniques ensuring the ability to offer a yarn processor service to our clients in a constantly changing yarn market. Our semi-worsted machinery is especially good for handling short natural fiber. Our technical support team check yarn products each production step to achive best yarn quality for india as well as international market. We would like to help to customer to devlope new type of fabrics.


Polyster Sized Beam


  • 50|36 Bright Beam
  • 70|72 Semi Dull Beam
  • 80|36 Bright Beam
  • 60|96 Semi Dull Beam
  • 50|48 Semi Dull Beam
  • 50|36 Bright Catonic Beam
  • 70|72 B.D Catonic Beam
  • Pano(Width)-42" to 98"
  • Ends - 3600 to 19200
yarn process

Polyster Crep Yarn

  • 70|36 Semi Dull Catonic crep
  • 50|48 Semi Dull Catonic crep
  • 70|36 Bright Catonic Beam
  • 50|48 B.D Catonic Beam

We can manufacture customer order for twist & false tan'st according to clients requiments.


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